Saturday, July 5, 2008


Those of you who regard homosexuals as less deserving of rights and privileges in the eyes of the state and god will find yourselves at home in Uganda. Here, homosexuality is illegal, such that if you are convicted of it, you simply go to jail. And since being gay does not result, as ignorant people would have it, from a choice to be so, those who are convicted simply spend their lives in jail. So, those of you who would deny gay people marriage, who laugh at gay cats when you spot them in public, who call them faggot like the Klan calls me nigger, you should move to Uganda where you can find ideological synchronically in the state. If, perhaps you think that putting gay people in prison is somehow going too far on the scale of gay persecution that you condone, then I hope you will give serious thought to the idea that, really, there is no scale. For the denial of liberty is also a denial of humanity. If I put you in behind bars or just forbid you from marrying solely on the basis of who you find attractive, I am issuing the same denial in each case. Sometimes I wish I was gay myself. At least then I could know with fair certainty that the places where I stepped and felt welcome were universally welcoming. Then, when I sent out invitations for my friends to join me, I wouldnt have to leave out the homies who rock love, lust and life within their own genders.

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