Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Verse

Even kings die, thrones rust
Skeleton bones turn to dust
Memories are blown in a gust
It's about how you lived when you were here
How you celebrated those years
Were you a follower? Did you try elevating your peers?
Were you sincere when you gave the prophets your ears?
But soon as trouble come you disappear
Listen here, were you real?
Did you show love that people could feel?
Did you have jealousy but keep it concealed?
Did you smile at your man's face
But all awhile wanted to take your man's place?
Moving around like a snake
I know you hate that term, don't call it that
See lately that's why the Priest been falling back
'Cause when the Revolution start
All those cliques that fall apart will soon be the devil's mark
And then the adversary will have a heart
The letter for Priest
My freedom of speech
Y'all read 'em and weep
The demons that keep you from the path just laugh
That's why my ink pad looks like stained glass
A collage of art, that shows scenes from the Nazarene's past

--Killah Priest, "Profits of Man"

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