Monday, October 25, 2010

The (Ragged) Edge of Exit.

There are many reasons not to ride a sport bike over a long distance. The seating position is made for track riding and sets your body in a posture that cannot be held for long without tying your back in knots and crippling your knees and wrists. The low windshield protects you from nothing and the constant need to resist the wind causes fatigue. The sport bike’s suspension is comparatively hard when compared to, oh, any other type of bike on Earth, which means that all of the imperfections in a road are transfered through the body of the rider, which compounds all of the issues I have just mentioned. In addition, storage space is quite limited. Even with a tank bag, this is a ride on which you can’t take very much. And space is just as limited in the gas tank. Sport bikes get the worst gas mileage of any type of bike, so the trip involves having to stop to refuel much sooner and more often than other bikes. But hey, you’ll be stopping anyway, because you will be tired and your body will be in so much pain. 

I know all of this. But this weekend, I will set off on a 1500 mile journey on none other than my R1, the Pharmacon Atlas. 

It has been a while since I have seen my friends. And winter is coming to NYC, which is a time that I can’t do any meaningful riding. And I need to get away from this infernal city for a while anyway. And none of these reasons actually mean anything, because none of them motivate my desire to make the trip. 

Saturday is the day.

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