Friday, November 5, 2010

Beneath the Surface

There were no headphones in the helmet when I was out on the road. But the mind is a mixing board and there was one song that kept playing over and over again.

Scratch underneath the surface
Where does your purpose lie?
It seems our will is worthless
Like we're pawns beneath the sky
Schemes erased by reason
And passion's just the wind
Feel empty so I breathe in
Keep myself from Giving in

Love and hatred
Moments most sacred
Most species, they lay naked
in the tombs of an oasis
I think back on niggas I ate with
Spent the day with
Guns we played with
Niggas I relate with
We broke bread
I heard through the vine niggas worked for the feds
Sent out secretly to take my head
I lay back and meditate to the words they said
Skipped town for a month and grew some dreads
Had a friend tell my family I was dead
Returned at the last fall of the autumn leaves
Operate the plan accordingly
In case the feds are recording me
Sign all documents using forgery
'Cause just the mere thought of me
I'm like Solomon, spoke bluntly
Told the world I'm black and comely
Hounds from the grave haunt me
The smell of death's upon me
I dwell in the hills like Gandhi
Been in the presence of mad peasants
And old kings who sold everything
On a quest for God's divine
Slept in a cave to get a clear mind
Who prayed three times
When the moon lit and in the sunrise
I met dwellers in the deserts
Talked to shepherds
Been in the mouth of many leopards
Felt the death kiss of Satan's mistress
Walked through vacant districts of foreign religions
Studied pagan scriptures
True philosophers and physicians
On a cure mission
Who hardened their hearts
Toward the weak, sick and afflicted
Candles lit, gambled with a bitch
Who made me love her when I touched her
Soft paws hide claws
Bees with sweet honey in their mouths
Have bitter stingers at their tails
Walk through the chamber of death
Take a hold on to hell
Embracing her was like embracing the third rail

-Killah Priest

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