Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Okiedoke #2: That Zombie Guy

Years back, I taught kids at summer program on a college campus in Rhode Island. One weekend, a convention of horror writers rolled up in the vacant dorms across the way. Just scores of men and women decked out in black. I walked up the scene with a mic to see what the status was and was promptly kicked out.

On the way back I ran into a dude who was with the convention. He turned out to be a novelist who specialized in zombie fiction. I asked him about the metaphors that were at work in stories about vampires and zombies. This was before Trueblood and Twilight and Walking Dead, but I think his answers fit the current scene perfectly.

Philip Nutman is the author of Wet Work and Cities of the Night. Clive Barker says good things about his books.

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