Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Ultimate Cover.

The Voice Project is a non-profit operation that funnels cash to various humanitarian outfits in northern Uganda. It derives its flow from donations made by viewers who peep the music the Voice Project posts to its site. Some of the organizations it supports are questionable, as are many elements of the the humanitarian discourse in general.

But I just peeped a post that features many levels of awesome and thought it was worth a repost. Here DJ Spooky and a Cellist of great skill named Joshua Roman throw down on a Radiohead cover. As near as can be told, Spooky has rendered his take of the song entirely on an ipad. Heidegger can criticize technology all he wants (if that's what he was even doing in that impenetrable essay), but if artificial sounds of metallic hipster machinery can mix this well with the resonance of wood and string, then I welcome the "darkening of the world" through tech.

If you care about the problems of northern Ugandans, give money to these cats.

If you want to educate me on Heidegger and tech, read this and get back to me. Please.

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