Friday, March 11, 2011

Opportunities lost because I blew them
On the sunniest days of my life
I cried through them
Mom's out the picture and pops,
I barely knew him
And I would pray to God but I'm tired of lying to him
Tired of trying to run from the things inside of us
Got a lot of fam and a lot of admirers
Who tell me that I should aspire to be changed
But when I think of changing,
It's like, why even try the shit?
My mind's hazy and my thoughts,
They get distorted
I know my good and bad deeds both get recorded
You do right so your soul can last
But my role was cast
Before I even auditioned for it
So I don't really see an end to my vice
It's just false reformation
No end of my strife
Feel the evil overpowering
You can go ahead throw the towel in
'Cause nigga, that's the end of the fight
When you can only see the tunnel at the end of the light
Light's out, party over, that's the end of your life
And I'm out...

Phonte, "Now or Never"

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