Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Religion is like prison
keep the people locked up in different divisions
some of them promise you heaven
but I see a whole lot of bullshit ism-scism
in the form of spirituality
slave mentality, escape reality
what we supposed to just suffer and smile 
and be content
sending' our prayers to the clouds? 
i want my heaven now 
freedom on earth
and if the preacher ain't with us then we takin' his church
what is it worth to have the biggest religion
when the people got miserable living conditions?
no water, no lights, no rights
all over africa we fight
but we have to unite
'cause ain't no power in the gospel
when the priest puttin' powder in his nostril
and the elder's council fails to lead
and the children suffer from daily need
and the people can barely eat
is it a sin to stand up
to fight against the ones that put is in handcuffs?
what happened to the daily bread, 
spread love
ain't that what the bible said, 
but in the name of the bible
how much love was spread 
compared to how much blood was shed?

--M1 of Dead Prez, on "Shuffering and Shmiling"

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