Friday, March 2, 2012


So much weight in the hands of fate
In the hands of time
as it passes by 
And I have less to say
and I’m past my prime 
And you listen when I spit
but you can’t relate 
‘cause I’m a relic
Better I should leave you with this 
And you see me as I am
than a reason to quit 
This is me
The kid with the sick granny 
Who dreamed I could sit pretty
and I could lift Grammys 
And I was better off rich 
and now I’m older 
with issues the money can’t fix 
how naïve that I could be 
I exist in the guise of a life complete 
I compete to win though I lose myself 
In a penthouse room, with a view from hell 
take a look… 

Say the hook. 

When your money ain’t right 
it seems like everything’s wrong 
‘cause everything is 
When your love ain’t life 
it feels like everything’s gone 
‘cause everything is 
And you search for it
and you hurt for it 
And you promise each other you’ll work on it 
And you might have to let it go free 
‘cause it never was yours 
But that’s everything.

--Has-Lo, "Everything Is"

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