Monday, April 16, 2012

Victor Ochen on NGOs and Invisible Children.

Here is an interview with Victor Ochen. He is the founding director of the African Youth Initiative Network, which operates in Lira, Northern Uganda.

Ochen speaks on local and international NGOs and the problems that they face.

He also speaks at length on the activities of Invisible Children, which he feels are dishonest at best.

Ochen, a victim of the war who aids other victims, is calling on Invisible Children and their supporters to suspend the Cover the Night campaign. He says that this campaign is disrespectful to the victims of the LRA.

He also notes that victim communities are planning to burn IC T-shirts and stage hunger strikes in protest of Invisible Children. They are particularly upset over the date chosen for the Cover the Night campaign. It was on April 20th, 1995 that LRA rebels massacred hundreds of people in Atiak.

Supporters of Invisible Children owe it to themselves to listen to this interview and reflect before joining in a campaign that proclaims to work on behalf of victims while never once consulting victim communities.

Victor Ochen lives and works out of Lira. He held the first screening of Kony 2012 in Northern Uganda. People threw rocks.

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