Friday, May 18, 2012

Master's of Our Fate

Bridges I burned some
Lessons I learned some
Money, I spent some, lent some, earned some
My eyes tell it
Tell of the hell I returned from
Spark up an L for the homies I haven't heard from
Burn when the herbs come
I'm livinlurge
Never chillin' on the curb
Just a villain on the verge, son
My tenth shot is as efficient as the third one
Second one, first one
Worse come to worst, run
When I was pushed out the womb
The Earth spun
The only way to describe this is inertia
Some rappers think they can try me, who the first up?
I don't guarantee no survivors, nigga
Surf's up
Soul on ice, courage and sacrifice
Hold on tight
And save the laughter for the afterlife
These chumps thinking they good
ain't even half as nice
Your fate'll be a one way ticket to paradise

--Black Thought, "Masters of Our Fate"

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