Thursday, June 7, 2012

Image of the Race.

Graphic artist RM88, also known as DJ Fuego has put out a round of pics that are based off the latest rounds of MotoGP and WSBK racing. 

There is something to be gained in this transformation of race footage. The era of HD has put us on the seeming front lines of our beloved games and races. But this is the grossest ideology. Increased immersion through resolution and production value is, really, the seal of the viewer's hopeless distance from the finish line. If you were there, you would not see a replay in slow motion. You would not hear a commentator narrate your world, overtly controlling your interpretation of the action. You would not be taken in by the nervousness of the mechanics back in the pit garage. In front of the screen, your feeling of "being there" is a powerful lie. You are enraptured by your own absence.

The serene stills of these pics do more to evoke the machine-extended passion of the moto race than the live feed could ever hope to do. There is an incomprehensibility in the conduct of the world class racer. Apollo and Dionysus meet on the side grip of a race worn tire and there is no commentator or camera pan that brings us to the truth of that moment. Behind the visor of any given racer is an abyss of instinct and desire, a drive at once for death and resurrection. If we could peer within, we would have to shut our eyes, blinded. Only the sideways glance allows us to understand the brightness of these cyborg bodies who spit in the face of gravity so long as they have the traction.

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