Friday, July 13, 2012

Verse Fragments.

I know what's on your mind
we can dowhatever that is
she tell me that it's mine
I said fine
shit, I was taught to live and let live
go 'head and live it up baby
giddiup baby
It's your world, ain't trying to interrupt
maybe we moving too fast
but fuck it, let's crash
one day we gonna have to leave our love
in the past
but for now it feel lovely
it feel great
I slide in ...

--Lil Wayne, "Marvin's Room Remix"

Let us make man in our image
spit it
I'm Huey P. and Louis V.
at the Eulogy throwing molotovs for Emmit.

--Nas, "Queens Get the Money"

No I can't bring another beach to the sand
And know I am well aware
that you can bring a man to his knees
And get what you need
without saying please
Can you bring a man to his feet
when defeat is on repeat
And they gon' put this man's Grammys on the street?
Why so quiet?

--Andre 3000, from Lloyd's "Dedication to My Ex"

Carolina Blue Cakes
pedal to the metal
feeling like a puppet
and the devil is Gepetto.

--J.Cole, "Back to the Topic"

This is the sound of what you don't know
killing you
This is the sound of what you don't believe
still true.

--El-P, "Tasmanian Pain Coaster"

I hope your bullet holes become mouths
that say my name.

--Lupe Fiasco, "Let me Put You on Game"

I rock brass knuckles over my kid gloves.

--Dessa of Doomtree, "Kid Gloves"

If it brings me to my knees, it's a bad religion.

--Frank Ocean, "Bad Religion."

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